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Other Creatures




.:The Sirens Are Singing Your Song:. by ALittleCr00ked
.:The Sirens Are Singing Your Song:.
EDIT 5: New app art :'D It's weird, he looks so young in his fullbody but so old in his headhsot wtf ;;

EDIT 4: Updated his application art. meowtsuoka was a beautiful dear and redlined my sketch (which is why it looks so lovely LOL)

EDIT 3: Welp, he isn't officially and apprentice, I just wanted to get this up eue <3

EDIT 2: Because I hated his art, I am using the commission I got from the amazing :iconcandysprites: <333 I may redo him in my art later but we'll see ~

EDIT: Welp, got all his info filled out :'D



Name:  Sirenpaw

Prefix:  Siren : When Badger and Phantomscream had first met, he had mistaken her for a 'siren', a twoleg creature of myth. So when this little tom came, he came screaming, reminding his mother of Badger's legend.
Suffix:  Paw : Traditional suffix for an apprentice

Nickname(s):  Si, Pretty Boy
Gender:  Tom 
Age:  6+ Moons
Breed:  Mixed (Turkish Angora ; Maine Coone ; American Longhair ; Mixed)
:new:Rank:  Medicine Cat Apprentice
Clan:  Shadowclan

Physical Appearance

Eyes:  An exotic mixture of lavender and viridian 
Pelt:  Sirenpaw's fur consists mostly of a pale ivory color, broken only by a few black markings scattered on his legs. A black stripe begins at his nose and travels up his forehead, down his spine, and ends promptly at his rump. There are also four black colorations on his eyes.
Fur Length/Texture:  Though the fur along his chest and rump are thicker, his pelt in a whole in short and fluffy, bordering more on Badger's length rather than Phantomscream's.
Nose/Paws:  Sirenpaw's nose and pawpads are color a pale pink hue.
Tail:  Taking after his father, this small tom has a very short tail that is thick and fluffy.
Build:  Though he appears to be somewhat stocky, Sirenpaw is actually rather small in size compared to his other siblings. He inherited his mother's lean frame, but will eventually grow pretty tall and slender.
Scars/Disabilities: None 


Orientation: N/A 
Status:  N/A
:new:Preferences:  Sirenpaw is just beginning to grow out of his kittenhood and seems to display no interests in crushes for the time being. Although it seems that two of his siblings have already begun to develop interests in the opposite sex, making Siren feel a bit left behind. 


Attack:  1/10
Strength:  1/10
Endurance:  3/10
Speed:  3/10
Tactics:  5/10

Misc. Info

Scent:  Now that he's been spending all his time within the medicine den, Sirenpaw's fur has lost the scent of his milk and his mother and now has a sharp tinge of herbs clinging to it.
Voice:  (Future will be Jim Sturgess in Across the Universe)


Positive =
Caring |
"Oh Momma, I love you."
This little tom loves nothing more than to love. Every creature he comes across, whether it being a bug, a bird, or anything in between, Siren loves. He often finds it hard to hurt other things, which can pose a big problem whenever he becomes an apprentice. He always wants to look after his family members, including his mothers. 

Excitable |
"WOAH. Did you really fight off that fox all by yourself?!"
It doesn't take much to get this little guy revved up and excited about life. He seems to generally become thrilled over the tiniest things, like the sun shining after a few cold days or a patrol bringing in extra prey. Nothing seems to bring him down off his high and he likes it that way just fine.

Eager to Learn |
"Oh, that's so interesting! Tell me more."
Sirenpaw has a deep thirst for knowledge and when spend hours sitting in front of the elders, listening to them tell stories of the past. He will constantly be under Batshade's paws, asking what this herb was and what that herb did. He is especially fascinated by the whole concept of Starclan and frequently questions the medicine cat about them.

:new:Insightful |
"I can tell there is more you aren't telling me.."
As he's grown, it's become quite clear that Sirenpaw has a knack for discovering hidden emotions. Despite his young age, he often finds himself offering advice beyond his years and can easily sense when another is upset. Some emotions are lost on him, but he is quick to figure out what others are feeling.

Neutral =
Nothing is quiet about Sirenpaw. Whether he is expressing his love for his family or merely relaying something, his voice carries across camp, raised high and loud. Often at night when the tom wants to talk, he gets in trouble for his loud voice and finds it hard to speak at a volume lower than a semi-loud yell. He will constantly be yowling his approval or distaste over something, only grinning when he's told to be quiet. Sirenkit also has a habit of singing frequently, most of the time without even realizing it.

Negative =
Vain |
"Doesn't my fur look just perfect today?"
No one thinks he's the best more than Sirenpaw himself. He's constantly boasting about his looks and his abilities (despite being just a kit, he thinks he can do anything!) His best attribute, according to him, is his eyes. And yeah, he can't see them unless he looks in a puddle, but all he has to do is look at either Inkpaw or Ghostpaw and know that truly, they are beautiful. However, Sirenpaw isn't just incredibly into himself; he also always praises his siblings, saying they all came from good genes and that they are all exquisite.

"Whatever, I can climb this with my eyes closed!"
Sirenpaw has little regard for his safety, believing he can accomplish almost anything. This leaves him often in sticky situations where he has to either be rescued by Smearpaw, his partner in crime, or his parents. He frequently gets himself into trouble, not intentionally, just thinking he can do what he will and not get hurt. 


:bulletgreen: Likes:

:bulletgreen: Birds
:bulletgreen: His family
:bulletgreen: His Clan
:bulletgreen: The smell of rain
:bulletgreen: Learning Things

:bulletred: Being wet
:bulletred: Being dirty
:bulletred: Getting in trouble
:bulletred: Getting teased
:bulletred: His siblings fighting


"I love you, Cricketleap. Why can't you see that?"
Three words, that's all it took. And with those three words, Phantomscream's life was torn apart. Unbidden feelings for her best friend, a she-cat no less, had developed in the tabby and after an encounter with her cruel mother, the truth came out. Phantomscream loved Cricketleap, loved her so much that the thought of telling the red warrior had terrified her into silence. But things had been complicated; Cricketleap had still been hanging onto a rogue by the name of Rarity, unsure of where they stood and how she felt toward her clanmate. And so, all she had done was shake her head and reply; "I can't."

The older she-cat was devastated, fleeing from their secret cave and into the woods. And it was there that she met him. Badger. He was like no one else she'd ever encountered, large and tough, yet soft and caring as well. He comforted her with honey-laced words, seduced her with whispered compliments and purred promises. And so, blinded by her grief, Phantomscream had given the rogue exactly what he wanted. She mated with him. Afterwards, she had felt horrible and spent the next few days avoiding Shadowclan camp, staring out into her former home's territory. She was debating on slinking back to Thunderclan, if only to escape Cricketleap and the ruins of their friendship, when the red she-cat found her.

And it was there that she breathlessly told Phantomscream, "I'm sorry, I love you too."

"I-I have something to say..."
After that, things were great. In fact, things were amazing. The two were inseparable, spending every waking moment by each other's side and curling around each other at night. They laughed and joked and loved like lovers did. Their bond was stronger than ever. And when the scale plague hit, causing the loss of Cricketleap's father and Phantomscream's brother, the two persevered together. As long as they had each other, they could handle anything.

One morning, Phantomscream headed to Batshade's den, complaining of stomach problems and fearing she had gotten the plague. The medicine cat checked her out and gave her the all clear, but announced something equally as devastating.

She was pregnant.

The tabby didn't know what to do, how to tell Cricketleap. It had been before the two had gotten together, but she remembered Cricket avoiding the topic of kits and making vague comments about how she didn't think she'd be able to have any. And so, after a few days of deliberating and gathering her courage, Phantomscream spilled the secret to her mate. Her words were not received well. Cricketleap was shocked to her core and a bit infuriated by the liaison. However, she informed Phantomscream she wouldn't leave her, only that she needed to think. And after having a deep conversation with her brother, the warrior came to a decision.

She would help raise these kits and love them like they were hers. 

"Well, nothing that remarkable happened.."
So far, Sirenkit's life has been a bit tough, what with the Scale Plague going on and it being winter. However, his spirit is undeterred and he remains with his chin up. Despite his boisterous personality, Siren did not make very many friends during his kithood, instead hanging around either Batshade or his other siblings. He did get rather close with Pallidstar, the leader of Shadowclan and a tom he admires greatly.



Fun Facts

:bulletred: Sirenkit absolutely adores Batshade and his work and secretly wants to be his apprentice
:bulletred: He loves to sing and will do so at every chance he get
:bulletred: He wants to meet his father at least once in his life


:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletorange: Neutral
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Close Friend
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love (romantic)
:bulletgreen: Love (platonic)
:bulletwhite: Respect
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Fear
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hatred


Clan Cats:

Other Cats

RP Sample
A lithe shape slipped out of the shadows of the bushes, pale blue eyes glowing in the darkness. The feline lifted its head, jaws parted, to taste the air and dipped to one side to avoid being seen by her prey. A large pigeon pecked at the ground, its wings fluttering as it hopped from one side to the next. The sound of feathers brushing against feathers caused a growl to come to the she-cat's stomach. The moon hung high in the sky, shadowed by black clouds. Phantomscream was surprised to find such a good prey this late. She hadn't been able to sleep, her mind racing with memories she hadn't thought of in so long. She supposed the blast from her past was caused by the fact she had run into her mother a few days back. Just the thought of that traitor made the silver and white cat's blood boil with fury. The mother that had abandoned the Clan, her father, her in favor of some low-life mouse-dung rogue. Didn't she miss the warmth and security the Clan provided? Phantomscream shook her head to clear her mind, bunching her muscles and making sure her long-furred tail was still and didn't brush the leaves behind her. Gathering her strength into her hind legs, Phantomscream leaped out her hiding place, sprinting toward the pigeon. The bird squawked with surprise and took off, but the clan cat bounded upwards, digging her claws into the animal's wing and slamming it onto the ground with angry force. Before it could wail an alarm, Phantom darted forward and killed it with one swift bite. She sat back and licked her maw, eyeing her kill with pride. Hunting always made her feel better. She grabbed the bird and headed back toward the camp, her irritation now soothed.

Playlist Sample

They Say The End Is Coming Sooner... by ALittleCr00ked
They Say The End Is Coming Sooner...
... but the end is already here

I fucking love how this human looks

random person is random

I love this goodnight
How many times do I post one of these???? Haha I am so sorry xD But seriously, I'm looking for a design! And I've got a few specifics. Either Abyssian or Somali, I want a rusty red color with darker accents eue I've got some points and I am willing to spend! Point me in the direction of some awesome designers???? B) It's for my TGB character I am STILL planning on using. Here's his old design Fluffy Monstrosity by ALittleCr00ked
There are a million and one things I could call you but Mother is not one of them. In the beginning, you were an enigma, a being I idolized but rarely saw. You were in and out of my childhood in a whirlwind of boyfriends and things I was far too young to understand. All I knew was that I loved you so much and I treasured the brief moments I got to spend with you. Even if those moments consisted of driving two hours to see you in a jail cell for two years straight. Things changed when you did. You got married, quit all those drugs, and stole us away from the only stable home I ever had. But things didn't improve. You didn't give me or my sister or my brother the "better life" you had promised. No, this isn't a story about giving. This is a story of loss, of theft. You stole so much from me, from us. My sister was lucky to escape after only two years, to return to our grandmother. I think she still doesn't understand just how lucky she was. But me... and Jake... we suffered. We saw it all. The drug use, the alcohol, the beatings... There is no greater theft than the theft of a child's innocence. And you got away with not one, but two. I somehow managed to look at you and realize I wanted to be everything you weren't. My brother was not so lucky. Already a creature with a fragile mind, you took his trust, his love, his mentality and you twisted it. Destroyed it. He's this so called "bad apple" only because all of his bad habits he learned from you. You lied to us, stole from us, verbally broke us down until we could only see shattered pieces of ourselves when we looked in the mirror. Until we could no longer cry out in pain, but merely receive your words with barely a flinch.

What kind of mother belittles her own blood? Tells them - me - that they are failures and that they will never amount to anything? That they should just quit now? I'm constantly on the verge of trying to better myself and sinking back into that familiar pit of "I'm just nothing, Mother says so." Why would you make me feel as if I'm insignificant, like absolutely nothing I say matters? As I aged, the love I still had for you slowly boiled, churning in my heart until it mixed into a bitter concoction of hatred and disappointment. I took care of you, protected you, cherished you all these years. I was just a kid, Mom, why was your happiness, your stability... why was all of that in my hands? Shouldn't you have done all that for me? Things only worsened when I got a job. You found a way into my money, taking a bit here, a little there. At first, I was happy, eager to help out. You and my step dad were struggling and despite my misgivings, you were still my mom. And you weren't the only one. I had to fight off the little monster you had turned my little brother into, the one who pickpocketed me without a second thought because "Mommy did it so it must be okay." He was twelve when he was first put on probation for his wandering fingers. Twelve. Things could have gone so much better for him if you had only given him the attention he desperately needed. Things would have gone so much better for all of us if you had just stayed away. I found out about you hitting on my guy friends, trying to have sex with my best friend's brother, cheating on my step dad on multiple occasions. Just... just what kind of person are you?

Things changed when I dropped out of high school senior year. It was just as you said it would be, that I would fail and not graduate. Great motivation speech. I should have... I should have risen from those words instead of letting them shape me.. But I got a job, I was going to get my GED, I was going to get out, get away. I took the classes, I was prepared. I gave the money to you to put in Jesse's safe. And that's where I went wrong. You stole it for drugs. Lied, said it was for grocery when you guys had just pawned Jake and I's PS3 for that exact reason. Jesse didn't even know you had taken it. He looked apologetic. You stole my future for what? You stole my childhood, my innocence, for what?! A high?! You wondered why I was so eager to get away from you, to escape your clutches as soon as I could. You seemed so heartbroken when I told you I was going to move back to Texas, 2,000 miles away from you. What, Mother, did you expect me to stay and feed your greed my entire life? You justified your actions by saying I owed you. That I owed you for all the years of taking care of me. Excuse me, but what? I am your child Jeri, not some fucking pet you got then decided you didn't want it but had no where to take it. It was your goddamn duty to take care of me. And you did a damn shitty job at it too. My confidence in myself, in my abilities, my appearance, in everything is shot to hell because of you.

As my sister so lovingly put it, "We're all fucked in the head because of her." 

Isn't that the truth. Even now, a year away from you, you still managed to rob me of something I had earned, had bought myself. No matter... maybe one day you will wake up and realize you chased away all the people who ever loved you. And you'll be so alone. What will you do then, huh? What will you be then?





I really want to rp 

2 deviants said Something dramatic and angsty and romantic and beautiful
1 deviant said please help lawl
No deviants said any offers?
No deviants said I have all my group characters but I am WAY open for just rpable OCS


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